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Marc Korody

Marc Korody

We work with 40 individuals who we are privileged to call our clients. From them we have learned that running a business is a complex undertaking that has very little to do with being a great doctor or lawyer or investor. And everything to do with knowing which questions make a difference and where to find the answers.

For the past 20 years, we’ve made sure that our clients have never missed a filing or had an unexpected cash crisis. We’ve learned how to make their operations run smoothly so that their customers become loyal advocates. Most of all, we’re constantly reminded that everyone is unique and that real success is enabling people to achieve their personal goals.

There is no secret to what we do. We start by getting to know you. We review your current situation, identify opportunities and threats and talk about your hopes and dreams. Then we go to work. And over time the value we add to your business grows exponentially.

I’d be happy to answer your questions. Please give me a call.


415-841-0969 ext 2000


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  • Aileen Turner

    Aileen Turner

    Aileen upped our game with her deep management background. We apply her skills to a wide range of complex projects including tenant improvements, human resource, construction management and due diligence on both acquisitions and sales.

  • Jessica Rosseu

    Jessica Rosseu

    Jessica has been with us almost since the beginning. She knows and manages our business, recruits new talent and oversees our payroll and bookkeeping operations. Perhaps most important is that she is much loved by all of our clients.

  • Stephanie Del Puerto

    Stephanie Del Puerto

    Stephanie is a returning member of our team. A master behind-the-scenes details that keep everyone’s operations efficient.

We are a flat, nimble operation. Everyone you work with is empowered to make decisions on your behalf.

Everyone is accountable. Everyone shares in our success.

We are supported by an exceptional team of proven vendors and partners who share our values.
Whether you need a copier, insurance, a loan or a new coat of paint we can help.