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Are your people doing their best for you?

  • HR Compliance

    Do you have the time and interest to keep up with changes in health and payroll laws?

    We manage payroll processing, provide HR guidance, and ensure that the necessary Workers’ Compensation plan is in place.

    Think of us as your eyes between the bottom line and your payroll service.

  • Employee Satisfaction and Incentives

    Are you able to hire and retain a talented team?

    We can assist you in developing company policies and an employee handbook based on best practices for professional firms.

    We can take the guesswork out of designing bonus and incentive plans that increase retention and boost performance.

  • Customer Experience Management

    Do you know what your prospects, clients and customers actually experience?

    Don’t end up on the short end of Yelp!

    Our team can suggest a variety of techniques to increase customer satisfaction.

Every customer interaction influences their perception of your business.

That’s why we monitor employee turnover. We help with recruiting.

And we work with you to improve employee morale.