Online Business Resources

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KBS 2015 Payroll Schedule

ADP Employer Record Retention Guide

Use this form to apply for California Employer ID #.

Use this form to report hiring of new employees (must be done within 20 days from date of hire).

CA DE-4 2015
Use this form for each new hire.

CA DEY New Hire Notice

Direct Deposit FormEmployee Payroll Action / Data Form

Employee Loan Agreement

FED I-9 (English)

FED I-9 (Spanish)

Use this form to apply for Federal Tax Id#.

FED W4 2015
Use this for each employee to request withholding data.

Earned Income Credit Advance Certificate

KBS Payroll Application
New clients use this form to provide payroll set-up information to KBS.

KBS Payroll Employee Data Sheet
New clients use this form to provide new hire data to KBS.

KBS Payroll Summary Report
Clients use this form to submit payroll data for pay period to KBS.

KBS Payroll Cut-Off Schedule
Employees use this calendar to determine when the last day of the pay period ends.



  • Employers are only required to have the document completed for new-hires or when a worker’s documents expire and re-verification is required.
  • Each Form I-9 must be kept for either 3 years after the date of hire or one year after employment is terminated, whichever is later.
  • Form I-9 must be available for inspection by authorized U.S. government officials.
    It is recommended that all I-9 forms be filed together in a folder or binder, separate from the employee personnel files.




CA Individual Re-Sale
Use this form to apply for a individual CA Re-Sale License.

CA Corporate Re-Sale
Use this form to apply for a corporate CA Re-Sale License.

CA DE 542 Form
Report of Independent Contractors.

California Employment Application

Credit Bureaus

Federal Address Change 8822

Performance Review Form

San Francisco Employment Application

Social Security Numbers and Information